Hello and welcome to Hotreels!

Five years ago we had a dream… It was a really scary one with monsters and dragons and The Chuckle Brothers… and now I think about it, it wasn’t terribly pertinent to the foundation of Hotreels.

However, around the same time the founders of Hotreels did make a conscious decision: to create voice reels that were as dynamic and unique as the individuals we made them for. And now, five years and many hundreds of voice reels later, with individuality and customer satisfaction as our watchwords, Hotreels continues to grow.

We have a wide range of packages available for all manner of audio requests. Whether you’re looking to start a voice reel from scratch or just blow a bit of life into your old one, we have something to suit you.

But that’s quite enough from me, I’ll let our shiny new website do the talking.

Happy browsing.

Tom Blaxland
Managing Director of Hotreels

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