Thomas Blaxland grew up in the small Sussex town of Lewes. Interested in radio and recording from an early age he used his karaoke machine to record hours of interactive fun, which friends and family alike were forced to listen to. With segments such as ‘what’s for supper?’ and ‘My back’s a bit itchy’ Tom just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t being handed the Radio One drive time slot on a platter.

After his karaoke machine went ‘mysteriously missing’ on his tenth birthday Tom turned to new hobbies to occupy his time. Computer games ensured that he remained technologically proficient, whilst his steady interest in drama meant he picked up the art of directing from an early age.

Jumping ahead ten years, a few academic accolades, and absolutely zero romantic entanglements later Tom found himself studying English at the University of Leicester. He quickly developed an interest in student radio which offered him a fantastic opportunity to learn about the mechanics of audio communication.

Although blessed with a monotone delivery and a screechy laugh Tom thought that a life in front of the mic was not for him and so after graduating joined the audio industry.

This gave him more invaluable training at both audio directing and producing, but also managing a team and ensuring that deadlines are met. And in September 2011 he took over as managing director of Hotreels, a position he feels incredibly proud and privileged to hold.

Tom Blaxland
Managing Director of Hotreels

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