What we do and how we do it

Unlike other voice reel companies we work long and hard on your reel. Many hours of manpower go into making it sound perfect. You can be as hands on as you wish with the production of your reel, and can be sure of our support through the whole process. Here’s a little glimpse at what goes on when you make a voice reel with us: 

The Meetingimages-1

The first step is organising a meeting. This can be face to face or over the phone and is always informal and non-committal. It’s a brief chat about what we do here at Hotreels and how we can work together.

This meeting is as important to us as it is to you. All of the scripts for your voice reel will be exclusively written to suit your individual vocal talents. So it is invaluable for us to know what characteristics you would like your reel to demonstrate.

We will also discuss what sort of tone you expect your reel to have. For example, if you are making a commercial reel it’s useful for us to know products that you may want to advertise or any that you may object to. The same is true of all our reels, if you’re making a gaming reel would you like to have a macho, gun slinging persona? Or maybe a wise cracking sidekick is more up your street?

If you’re making a narrative reel, are you looking to present some weighty Radio 4 fodder? Or maybe you’d prefer to narrate a programme like Don’t Tell the Bride or Embarrassing bodies? These are all important distinctions that will make sure your voice reel reflects both who you are and how you’d like to sound.

Writing the Scriptswriters-block

Our team of creatives cater for any style. They can write simple, informative adverts, funny and quirky dialogue or serious and sensitive narratives, and everything else in between. They’re happy to chop, change and tweak any of the scripts until you are 100% happy with them.

Once you’ve had a chance to look over your scripts we’ll have another chat to review them. We’ll then relay any thoughts, ideas or criticisms to our creatives who will adjust accordingly. There’s no need to worry about criticising a script, we understand that you want your reel to be perfect, so we will continue to re-draft until you are 100% happy with all the scripts.


Once you have all your scripts you may wish to prepare for the read, especially if you’ve never been in a recording studio before. Do it by yourself, do it with friends, do it with us, we’re always happy to meet up with you before the recording to discuss pacing and tone etc.

We can take you to the place where we’ll be recording your session and even show you the inside of the studio so you have a feel for it. Essentially when you make a voice reel with Hotreels, our advice is part of the package. If you want help or advice, day or night, we’re there for you.


Studio7page1 2

So now you’ve got your scripts and you’re ready to roll it’s time to hit the recording studio. We use a professional sound studio in Central London (five minutes walk from Oxford Circus) which has been used for many commercials and TV and radio programmes.. They have a friendly and professional atmosphere and, most importantly, their studios guarantee the highest possible standard of sound quality for your recording.

When in the studio we’ll give you plenty of advice and feed back, and ensure that we have plenty of time to spend on each reading, we won’t move on until you’re happy. You’ll be able listen back to individual takes and we often fit in about ten to twelve individual recordings for each script, which gives us plenty to play around with in the editing suite.


Once the recording session is over it’s a simple case of editing your best takes together and mixing in background music, jingles and/or and sound effects. Once again we will only move on from this stage once you are 100% happy with the way all the different scripts sound.

Once we have your approval we’ll mix the show reel (usually around a minute and a half in length) so that it shows off every possible strength of your vocal range. 

The End

And walah!

You’re done!

Fairly Painless right?

Although written down like this it can seem like a lot, our usual turn around from beginning to end is two to three weeks.

And now you have a perfectly mixed reel, as well as the individual recordings, that you can send out to anyone: voice agents, producers, studios, radio stations etc. We can even help with some contacts if you like.

In fact you’ll be so darn proud of the thing you’ll end up giving a copy to your favourite teacher or that checkout girl at Tescos who never smiles.

The options are limitless!

A voice reel is a necessary key that unlocks many doors in the world of media, be it commercial or theatrical.

So why not do it with a company who cares and wont stop working until you’re happy!

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