Different Reels on Offer

At Hotreels we offer many different reels to cater for all audio aspirations, have a look through and see which ones hit the spot.

Commercial Reel 

we love advertising on Design2Share

This is our most popular reel, both for its effectiveness and its simplicity.

The process begins with a consultation, discussing what products we feel may suit your voice and what sort of audio dynamic you wish to display. We will also take note of any ethical problems you may have with advertising a particular product or company.

Rest assured this is not a simple case of choosing six products and reading for them straight off the bat, it’s a considered process that ensues that every facet of your vocal talent is on display.

Other voice reel companies will only have a limited amount of scripts and so your vocal range is hindered by what few commercials they have to offer. With Hotreels we write the scripts entirely around you. We know what a voice agent wants to hear. So we make sure every script has a different message and intonation, whilst vitally preserving your own natural accent.

For example - we could discuss which scripts should sound warm, whilst producing ones with a serious and melodramatic tone to complement them later on in your reel. This is the best possible way of showing the depth and breadth of your vocal talent.

6 Adverts: £290.00 + VAT
8 Adverts: £350.00 + VAT

Student Reelgraduates

Most of the people who come through the doors of Hotreels Towers have gone to one drama school or another. So we understand how tricky it is, wanting to get your voice out there but perhaps not having the necessary funds to do so.

This is why we’ve created the new student reel package, meaning that if you’re studying then you can get a streamlined reel made for you, with all the perks of a usual Hotreels product, but at a snippet of the price.

For the alarmingly small fee of £150 you will come away with three tracks which are exclusively written for you, and professionally produced to the highest imaginable standard.

Whether you wish to get into the commercial voiceovers or want some recorded excerpts of plays and monologues to send to prospective directors or producers, Hotreels can help you. We offer advice to aspiring voice artists about how to get into the industry - so you’re welcome to pop in and have a chat long after you’ve recorded your reel.

£150 + VAT

Animation Reelsuperted-2

2012 was a good year for animation, with three of the top ten grossing films being entirely comprised of CGI. Things have come a long way since the days of Steamboat Willie! Now animation is everywhere, not just blockbuster films but in commercials, online and TV Shows, in fact it appears in almost every part of the visual media.

Animation is clearly a boom industry, and it would certainly be a mistake to miss out on your chance to get a slice of the pie. If you have an individual voice that you think would be perfect for a certain kind of animated character then our writers will design scripts and characters around you.

This approach gives animation production companies something to latch on to, and you may find that your style of voice is perfect for a character they have been developing. This package offers you an invaluable leg up in the animation industry.

6 Tracks: £290 + VAT
8 Tracks: 350 + VAT

Video Game Reelbest-games-never-made-6

We’ve always been fans of video games here at Hotreels, but that’s not to say we’ve ever been any good at them. When we used to watch Mario plummet into lava or get eaten by a giant turtle for the umpteenth time we never would have imagined that the video games would go on to become the most lucrative part of the entertainment industry.

And games are getting serious, no longer just focusing on cute cartoonish characters bouncing from block to block, today the industry is always on the look out for professional actors to voice their immersive and expansive works of art.

If this is an industry you wish to be involved in then nothing will show off your vocal talents better than a games reel from Hotreels. We know the types of games that are popular and our writers know just how to create gamer dialogue, from the red blooded shout-fest that is Call of Duty to a bright and colourful educational game for your iphone.

6 Tacks: £290 + VAT
8 Tracks: £350 + VAT

Drama Reel61156 drama-class-every-saturday

If all the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players then it’s fair to say there may be a bit of competition when auditioning for parts. A drama reel from Hotreels will make you stand out from the crowd.

This reel is not just useful for demonstrating your ability for radio drama. It can also be an invaluable tool to make sure you’re remembered long after an audition. Take a drama reel with you to your next audition and leave it with the casting director to listen to at their own leisure. This way they have further proof of your dramatic versatility long after the initial audition.

You could even email these audio files to directors before you meet them, this allows them to engage with your acting style and begin casting you before you’ve even met them!

Whether applying for audio, televisual, or theatrical employment, a reel from Hotreels could mean the difference between getting the part or going home empty handed. And with our trained writers basing scripts entirely around you and your character, you can be sure that the people who matter will have never heard anything like it!

6 Tracks: £290 + VAT
8 Tracks: £350 + VAT

Narrative Reelpersonal-narrative-writing-example-definiton

From the iconic narrative style of David Attenborough to Dave Lamb’s comic asides in Come Dine With Me, narrators are a key part of many television and radio programmes. Prodcuers and directors are always on the look out for new talent to voice upcoming programmes. A fresh voice adds interest and authenticity to any project . One need only look at the meteoric rise of Peter Dickson, ‘voiceover man’ to witness the success that a narrative career can bring you.

That is why it is so important to make a narrative reel that reflects your unique talents. Other voice reel companies will try to fob you off with the same old, tired narrative scripts that cannot only disguise your individual vocal talent, but also bores perspective employers no end. They can’t picture your voice on their show if your reading a script they’ve already heard a hundred times before.

But with Hotreels you will not only come away with six narrative pieces, varying in tone and are entirely unique to you. It will also be a clear demonstration of your character and an example of exactly what your voice can do.

6 Tracks: £290 + VAT
8 Tracks: £350 + VAT


Had something else in mind? Why not give us a ring? We’re always excited to hear any new ideas and could easily work out a package for you. Nothing is written in stone here so if you want to mix two reels together, let us know and we can easily work something out.


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